FurtherConfusion: goes up to 11, as Spinal Tap would say

This last weekend was one of the best old-fashioned-con-type convention experiences I've ever had, that is, basically just getting to meet up with old friends, make a few new ones, and in general just hang out in a convivial atmosphere and have a good time. FurCon 2011 was less crowded, less hectic and more enjoyable than any convention I've been to in quite a while. And given everything that happened with me last year, this was a good way to start off this one. First and foremost at every FurCon, for me, is getting to see the eternal eaglepal again and spend some quality time this time! Last year I barely got to say hello - which bites. And I didn't see Sennard at all last year, which is even worse! Made up for that this year, added a new button to my collection of his creations. I always see Patchy at FurCon, this time he had a new signature vest. Kendall went by me several times, he's out here on vacation so he knew he'd have time later. Got to hug the marvelous MammaLlamaDevil, a littls sad to see her this time because she's starting on a new career path and won't be doing cons any more. -_- She personally rescued my book from Plan Nine! Chip Unicorn was there, very glad to see that he and Eli were okay! Disappeared from the Bay for the wilds of Seattle.. as did Kevin J... I wish I knew how to get him to feel some sense of accomplishment. As much as he's created, the work doesn't seem to be anything he can feel good about. Whereas with me, my body of work is a constant source of satisfaction (some days, almost the only one O_O). I almost wish I could transfuse Kev with some of the elan that The Gneechy One has. I finally got to personally give him my suggestions for new direcions that his Brigid and Greg stories could be going in. He delightedly dismissed my ravings - he knows what he's doing! Ryan and Candy's baby daughter was stealing so much of the show that con security was after her. But she was costumed as a Cthullu, so they dared not make a pinch. Fuzzybear breezed through the con between acts of his play. I gotta make one of his performances. The Daz crept through the con between a rock and a hard place. I'll skip *his* shows. Graveyard Greg sat quite still so that I could hit him on the head with my umbrella. More stuff happened than this, but I could go on for hours and it's late, so thanks everyone who I got to see at FC '11 ^_^
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A little more upbeat, I think. ^_^

After the overall non-upbeatness of my last few posts, I figured it was time for something
nice. Something to like, a jellybean kicking a bitter pill out of the bottle. ^_^ That
friend of the family I spoke of last time who'd been out of the country, was out because
he's in the music business and was on different tours with different artists. He doesn't
compose much music himself any more, mostly he engineers and puts the finishing touches
on his individual client's works. Most of what he does involves digital audio workstations
(DAW'S) and high-end PC's. To him, the stuff I do, which is mostly noodling around with old
analog synth equipment, makes me seem like an anachronism (that's the nice word). This last
weekend there was a swap meet where all kinds of users, old- and new-school, were buying and
selling all kinds of equipment. The kind of gathering where you might find a laptop, an amp,
parts for a Leslie speaker, rails for a drum kit, turntable parts for DJ's, early versions
of ProTools, stuff like that. I scored some much-sought-after parts for my Moog Opus 3, and
was about to head out when I bumped into aforementioned friend. "You still play these old
things?" he joked. I nodded, and noodled a little across the Opus 3 that was set up there
(not mine, the one belonging to the guy I just bought parts from) doing a little melody
with one hand and working the resonance filter with the other. The look on his face was...

"I was just joking," he blushed. "I know," I chuckled. :)

I don't consider myself an analog elitist, but there are some things that the classic
synths can do, in the right hands, that DAW's still can't quite match. Myself, I just
like the early stuff more. I just do. ^_^

Not that the envy was all in one direction, for that matter. I asked him why he was there
in the first place - he was meeting someone who was equipping their band for a brand-new
tour. He'll be heading overseas again next month. I could be a little jealous... <=)
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Dang.. got so verbose with that last one, forgot to write THIS one

Just a quick question for my friends: I got into an online conversation this week
with another webcomic artist and he tells me that hardcopy versions of webcomics
are becoming a waste of time and effort. He says that there's no market in a
product that's already available online. Do any of you think this is true? I'm
preparing to get back into hardcopy publishing (my first experience was with
Plan Nine and the less said about that, the better) and though there will be a
certain amount of brand-new material the books will be primarily the webcomic
on dead trees. Would you buy such books if I created them?
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Just a quick post

FurCon was just what I needed - not quite enough of what I needed, since I didn't get to spend as near
enough time as I wanted to with the mighty, mighty eagle! But still, what there was, was what I needed. I'll probably never get to spend as much time as I'd like to with soon-to-be-mom and soon-to-be dad, but I did my best. The pooch of power was in much better spirits than I thought, and this is A Good Thing. But the Fuzzybear isn't fuzzy any more! This frightens me. The programmer pooch had no buttons this year (I always get one from him) he promises to have two next year. Patchy's beloved Lion King vest has been retired, but his new one does him proud.Doodles contributed greatly to my fundage efforts, Chip hugged me greatly, and I finally got my copy of Erika's book from Brian and Tracy, and said book is full of total and indescribable awesome. ^_^ Saw Kendall briefly, will probably hang out with him later. I quite needed this con... :)
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Little Peek

It's a boy ^_^

Just got the word: I am officially a (sort of) great-uncle. :)
Robert Abraham Harrison, 9 pounds 8 ounces, arrived at 2:45 in the morning on Sept. 5 2009
Mom and baby, both fine. New dad seems to shed a few pounds worrying, but otherwise also fine. :)
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Little Peek

A note of goodness

It appears that by this time or so next month, I'll be a (sort of) great-uncle. ^__^ My niece (or as close as you can be to being a niece without being actually related and in my book that's good enough) is right on schedule and in perfect physical condition pregnancy-wise.

The things they can do with ultrasound and such are incredible. You can actually see your preborn baby's facial features nowadays. It was awkward enough having your folks drag out your baby pictures - now they can have a prenatal album of you. O_o
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